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Energy Audits

A Home Energy Audit can save you money and help save our environment. 

An Energy Audit of your home can help you to find areas where savings can be achieved in a cost effective manner.  Starting with a brief interview we can conduct a thorough inspection of your homes exterior and interior for potential sources of air infiltration, ventilation issues,  insulation efficiencies and combustion appliance (furnace,gas water heater, etc.) safety.  Your home will be evaluated as a system wherein the environment, occupants, structure and mechanical systems will be inspected and reccomendations will be made to tune these components to achieve increased efficiency and savings.

Our Energy Audit cost is $375* and includes the following:

1. Onsite Inspection of your homes exterior and interior noting,    insulation, ventillation, air leakage, windows and doors, duct work, water   heater, furnace, appliances and lighting. 
2. Combustion Appliance Test to determine the efficiency and safety of your heating systems.
3. Blower Door Test (a specialized testing device with pressure and flow meters) is used to depresurize the building in order to determine air tightness and points of specific air leakage.

The result of the Energy Audit will be a detailed report containing an evaluation of your homes energy usage, insulation effectiveness, points of air leakage, Building Tightness Limit (minimum air leakage necessary for a healthy home environment) and combustion appliance overview.  A list of recomendations will be included to lower electric and heating fuel usage and maintain healthy conditions in your home.  While many of these recomendation can be acheived in a "do it your self" fashion, we can offer full service weatherizations, repairs and upgrades.  A free quote can be provided for any of these services at your request. Also, a federal tax credit of up to $1500 is available on select energy efficiency upgrades.  Call us at (603)434-0990 for details.

Our Top 10 Energy Saving Tips:

1. Water Heater - Set yours to 122f degrees and add an insulation blanket to tank and pipes. Save up to 7% on your water heating bill.
2. Lighting - Uses CFL's (compact flourescent lamps) in place of incandescent ones. Changing just five of them can save over $65 per year.
3. Phantom Loads - Use power strips and timers to make sure that computers and tv's are off when not in use. Save up to 14%.
4. Programmable Thermostat - With proper use can save $150 per year.
5. Air Seal Your Home - Check your basement sills, windows, attic hatch, recessed lights, outlets and doors for air leakage.
6. Appliance Efficiency - Look for "Energy Star" labels on refridgerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners and other frequent use appliances.  Appliances with the "Energy Star" label can save $75 a piece per year.
7. Attic Insulation - The Northeast Climate requires R-49 insulation for proper efficiency. How is yours?
8. Wall Insulation - R-19 is recommended. Check your walls R-value.
9. Basement Insulation - Concrete is a poor insulator, Foam board can help!
10 Heating System - Heating and cooling costs amount to over half of a homes total energy bill.  Replacing an older system can reduce your bills by 10-20%.

*Homes larger than 2000 square feet are $50 per each additional 1000 sf.

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